End-to-end Analytics platform uses predictive modelingmachine learning algorithms, deep learningbusiness process automation and other statistical methods to analyze business information from a variety of data sources.

The Next-Gen AI Platform

Sygnus Features:

Intuitive Dashboards

With our intuitive dashboards and data models, users can navigate insights with ease, gain a holistic view of their business, and monitor performance.

Low-Code AI

Our drag-and-drop functionalities help users accelerate application development while they aim for cost cuts, quicker time-to-market, and enhanced experiences.

Interactive Visualization Library

Provides users with access to 23 widgets and 500+ customization options which, help them create reports in desired formats.

Pre-built AI/ML Libraries

Enables users to integrate pre-tested software without writing complex code, which saves development time and implementation effort involved.

Master Data Management Utilities

With this feature users can gather valuable insights from their data before they start visualizing it.

Real-time Data Analysis

Helps users to see, analyze, and understand data real fast, which leads to cost efficiencies, faster response time, and more informed decisions.